October 11, 2019

Our first two stories today concern a super typhoon that’s spinning toward Japan and a U.S. automotive industry strike that’s entering its 25th day. After that, we’re examining highly advanced kites as possible conduits for wind energy. And we’re introducing a CNN Hero whose mission is to help senior citizens complete their bucket lists.

1. What two rival nations sent delegates to recent talks in Stockholm, Sweden, where differing accounts were given about how the talks went?

2. Eastern equine encephalopathy, a deadly virus that has sickened dozens of Americans in an unusually active outbreak, is spread to humans by what animal?

3. What kinds of artifacts, which were recovered from the ancient Roman city of Herculaneum, are being examined by scientists at the University of Kentucky?

4. In advance of another nation’s military operation in the region, U.S. troops were recently withdrawn from the border between what two countries?

5. What industry, which delivers more than 80 percent of the world’s trade, is preparing for a new rule to take effect concerning sulfur content in its fuel?

6. What professional sports league, whose biggest fan base is in China, is dealing with fallout from a controversial tweet concerning Hong Kong?

7. Twenty additional moons were recently identified around what planet, which makes it the new record holder for having the most moons in our solar system?

8. Name the scientist who invented dynamite and who is now the namesake of one of the most prestigious awards in the world.

9. What U.S. state is home to Pacific Gas and Electric, a utility company that recently shut off electricity to hundreds of thousands of locations as a safety measure?

10. As Super Typhoon Hagibis approaches, some matches in the Rugby World Cup have been canceled in what host nation?


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